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Last week I visited one of the schools we painted earlier this year.

It sits on a crossroads, slap dab in the middle of a small, farming community.  This is a picture and a town that is repeated across the regions in New Zealand. There’s a community hall, a gas station, a shop and the rugby fields. All framed in the background by the Southern Alps. Stunning.

So what makes this different? What makes this special? 

The school that’s what. Mayfield School to be specific.

In so many small towns, the school is the hub of the community. It’s the place that twice a day people leave the farm and gather to collect the kids. For twenty to thirty minutes we talk to each other. No smartphones, we just talk. The school and the community are the same things.

This is why, when communities trust us with their school repainting project it’s more than simply paint on timber. You invite us to be part of the community, and the work our dedicated tradesmen do with you, do for you, will be part of that community for the next ten years.

And here comes the final BOOM.

Colour. What a difference colour makes. Smart, clean, bold colours make the entire school and by extension the entire community pop. It literally put a smile on my face. I spent the day talking about Mayfield School. I even spoke to a principal in a small, rural, farming community in Southland about my experience. It must have been a somewhat unique, “painting” sales presentation. I wanted to do the same thing for her community.

So thanks. Thanks for letting us be part of your community when it comes to painting your school. When you and the Board of Trustees are looking for a contractor, don’t just pick the cheapest option. Select the best option. When it comes to selecting the colours, yes you could be conservative, practical even, but ask yourself if the kids could pick the colours they wanted to spend their day in what would they pick? Be brave, be bold.

Community + School + Colour = BOOM!





May 30, 2018

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