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Toitu Enviromark Diamond Certified

  Toitu Enviromark Diamond Certified Carus is an ethically and environmentally focused painting company operating throughout New Zealand. We provide tailored painting and long-term maintenance services to various industries, including large scale … Read this >

Posted in: All / December 2020

Carus Group Painting at heights. Health and Safety is paramount to the service we offer.

How Proactive Maintenance Can Save Time, Money and Stress

  We see it all the time – properties fall into a state of degradation that require major repairs to fix the problem, leading to overblown budgets, huge disruptions and unhappy owners. But there’s another way – having a preventative and proactive … Read this >

Posted in: All, 2019 / December 2020

School Sanitisation Services

School Sanitisation Services Carus Group We Paint Schools We Chemical Wash Schools We Disinfect and Sanitise Schools Over the last four years Carus Group has worked with more than 100 schools or universities on their painting and chemical wash-downs as … Read this >

Posted in: All / April 2020

Cornonavirus COVID 19 update

Coronavirus (COVID 19) Update 20th April 2020

Carus Group Coronavirus (COVID19) Update Carus takes the unprecedented effects of COVID-19 on New Zealand and the rest of the world very seriously. We recognise this is going to change the way we work, so with this in mind we want to give our customers … Read this >

Posted in: All / April 2020

Southbridge School

Southbridge School / 150th Jubilee

The Project: Southbridge School / Repaint The Brief: Repaint the school in time for their 150th Jubilee Celebration All schools repaints are important. Budgets have taken years to get into a position where the Board of Trustees and the Principal can un … Read this >

Posted in: All, 2018 / November 2018

Deloitte Private – Carus and the Fast 50 adventure

We catch up with Harvey Fisher, General Manager of Carus, on the company’s Deloitte Fast 50 adventure, the power of networking and the unforeseen lessons the team has learnt on the ride so far… Hi Harvey, tell us a little about your business and your … Read this >

Posted in: All, 2018 / July 2018

Community + School + Colour = BOOM!

Last week I visited one of the schools we painted earlier this year. It sits on a crossroads, slap dab in the middle of a small, farming community.  This is a picture and a town that is repeated across the regions in New Zealand. There’s a community ha … Read this >

Posted in: All, 2018 / May 2018

Five questions to ask before you paint your school.

Is your school scheduled for repainting in 2018? If the answer is yes, then a few simple questions can help future-proof your assets, reduce stress and help you extract the maximum value from your budget. What we’ve found from visiting schools througho … Read this >

Posted in: All, 2018 / May 2018

Carus Christchurch Office

Extract from the Canterbury Today magazine

Asset management solutions, tailored to suit   “We set out to shake up our industry,” says Harvey Fisher, the dynamic young general manager of Carus Group, “So we were absolutely thrilled to win the award for the fastest growing services business … Read this >

Posted in: All, 2018 / February 2018

More than simply painting the walls

The picture you see below is the Old Post Office Building at 209 Tuam Street in Christchurch, and I love it. Originally designed by J.T Mair and built in 1932, the building’s owner has given Carus the exciting and challenging brief of returning the str … Read this >

Posted in: All, 2018 / December 2017

School Painting Local v National Part 2

Here is a comment from an Executive Officer of a school I visited this week. …”Look at you delivering as discussed… it does happen!?”… My journey to the school took a combined nine hours of driving time. (For our competition who is trying to work … Read this >

Posted in: All, 2017 / November 2017

Carus Christchurch Office

2Degrees Case Study

Keeping clients’ commercial properties and buildings at their best and enhancing their serviceable life is what property maintenance company Carus does best. The company has grown significantly, recently named fifth in the Deloitte Fast 50* and is the … Read this >

Posted in: All, 2017 / November 2017

Old Post Office Building

Built in 1932 / Returned to Glory in 2017

When we spoke with Paul, the building’s owner at the start of this project, our brief was simple. Return the old Post and Telegraph Office building to its original look, feel and colours. Simple, yet grandly ambitions. I think the ladies and gentlemen … Read this >

Posted in: All, 2017 / August 2017

Local v National / How do you Choose?

Local versus National – How do you choose? “We only use local tradesmen.” This is something I come across every day in my job. So before we go any further, how you do answer this question?  My industry is commercial painting but the question is relevan … Read this >

Posted in: All, 2017 / August 2017

“Viva Les Fauves” Why we’re painting primary schools in primary colours.

Les Fauves “The Wild Beasts” At the start of the twentieth century a small group of talented and free spirited artists burst into the Salons in Paris using vivacious colours to construct their narrative. Matisse, Derain, Dufy and Vlaminck used the lang … Read this >

Posted in: All, 2017 / June 2017

Maintenance Solutions

Carus offers maintenance programmes for all buildings, properties and facilities. Maintenance programmes can be tailored to suit individual requirements. Carus programmes will provide you with a streamlined planned maintenance, reducing your risks, hel … Read this >

Posted in: All, 2017 / April 2017

Environmental Awareness from a Painting Company

Carus Environmental Statement: The team at Carus are 100% focused on keeping the environment looking as clean and green as the Carus logo. Helping Carus maintain its environmental vision, is Dulux: A key partner. Carus has recently purchased the Dulux … Read this >

Posted in: All, 2017 / April 2017