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Janelle Cargill – Project Co-ordinator

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Janelle Cargill

If you need a weather forecast, asking Janelle may not be the best idea. A permanent optimist, Janelle is a big believer that the day will become sunny – even if it’s not quite there yet. However, within the office, Janelle’s sunshine nature is a great addition.
That’s not to say that Janelle isn’t ready for challenges – as our Project Co-ordinator she loves having lots on her plate, and enjoys the variety that comes with managing timesheets, invoicing, health and safety, projects and even the occasional Project Manager. It’s a good thing that elephants are her favourite animal because there’s loads to remember.
Janelle’s home life has quite a few entertaining parallels to work life – her partner Tom is a landscaper, and she’s busy coordinating a new deck to get her house ready for summertime.