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Sanitising Service

Protecting Schools and Workplaces

New Zealand continues in its collective effort to eradicate the Coronavirus (COVID-19).  This is going to be a long process that will require a back to work plan for all businesses, councils and schools.


Carus Group can help with our chemical cleaning and antimicrobial sanitisation service.  Our experienced wash-down and cleaning teams work across the country with local governments, schools and commercial clients.


You need a plan.  Our regional consultants and/or General Manager are available via ZOOM for an initial FREE consultation.  Information is key right now and we’re happy to help with any questions you may have.

Some things to consider:

What can you do before people return to work?  Carus Group is a designated essential service provider and can work during lock down, where necessary.  Demand for cleaning services will be high over the next few months so the sooner you have a plan in place the better.

Is this a one-off service or a continual program?

In order to keep surfaces clean we recommend a service plan conducted on a regular programmed time frame.

Is this for inside application or outside?

We have options for both interior and exterior service programs.

What Products do you use?

BioShield 75 and BIO-KLEEN

Bio Shield 75(Taken from the Bio Shield Website) BioShield® 75 is a ground-breaking antimicrobial technology that permanently bonds to a surface, forming a non-toxic shield that kills any germs that come into contact. One application of BioShield® 75 inhibits the growth of bacteria, viruses, mould, fungi and other microorganisms on almost any surface, even textiles! It even stops odours by killing bacteria  at the source.

While disinfectants kill germs on contact, they only do so for the few minutes the surface is wet. BioShield® 75 continues to shield the surface while it is dry and offers protection from harmful microorganisms for up to 90 days and in some cases for the life of the surface! BioShield® 75 begins to work instantly. It won’t wash off but it can be damaged if scratched and if abrasive or caustic cleaners (pH level above 10.5) are used.

How BioShield 75 Works:

The Germ Shield molecule bonds permanently to surface or textile via covalent bonds.

The long molecular chain with lipid fats acts like a sword and forms a microscopic ‘bed of nails’ on the surface.

Positively charged nitrogen attracts the microbes to the surface.

The tiny swords pierce the cell membrane of microbe upon contact. The membrane is destroyed by electrically pulling ions out and denaturing proteins. The swords are not damaged and continue to shield the surface from germs, attracting, piercing and killing future microorganisms.

BIO-KLEEN Disinfectant and Sanitiser

Bio-Kleen is a disinfectant and Sanitiser. It is a hospital grade disinfectant with high bacteria killing properties. It is safe for use on all surfaces. It can be used to disinfect floors, walls, food preparation area, toilets, urinals, showers and any other hard surface.

How long will it last? Bio-Shield will last for four weeks in conjunction with your regular cleaning service

How long after the sanitiser has been applied can I enter the building?

We’d recommend approximately thirty minutes

Are there areas we should focus on?

Areas that are of high concern include common areas.  This could be lunch rooms, toilets, stairways, door handles, light switches, office desks and chairs etc.

Outside areas would be playgrounds, water fountains, park benches etc.


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