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Moss Mould Treatments

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Moss & Mould Treatments

Moss and mould treatments are an important part of maintaining a clean, fresh appearance for your buildings and facilities. A commitment to a regular programme of treatments formulated to kill problem organisms will prevent the growth and spread of unsightly moss, mould and lichen.

Keeping moss and mould in check will prevent potentially serious damage and sidestep easily-avoidable repair bills. The damage done by moss and mould, to roofs in particular, is often hard to detect. The degradation of materials caused by caustic spores and the resulting exposure to excess moisture will slowly but surely impact the lifespan of your asset.

The advantages of starting a moss and mould treatment plan is that it’s relatively gentler on the roof and can be more cost-effective over time because it is less labour-intensive than a same-day wash (a treatment will ‘self-clean’ over time as the rain and wind naturally removes the dead moss and mould).

Don’t wait until the life of your paint, and the integrity of your concrete and clay roof tiles has been irreversibly affected. Be proactive and enquire about Carus’ effective and efficient removal solutions.