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Local versus National – How do you choose?

“We only use local tradesmen.” This is something I come across every day in my job.

So before we go any further, how you do answer this question? 

My industry is commercial painting but the question is relevant for how we all select, trades, services or produce today.

So local versus national? Big company versus family business?

Full disclosure I work for a national painting company called Carus Group Ltd. We have ongoing projects from Northland to Southland and everywhere in-between. Having said that Carus is a 100% New Zealand owned family business. In the grand scale of things it is a small to medium sized operation.

I understand that in the ideal world we would all support local partnerships. I understand that in many places around New Zealand and indeed globally small towns are hurting. I understand and I’m sympathetic.

My question though is what happens if the local (insert trade or service here) doesn’t do as good a job?  What happens if the local company has become complacent by being the only person in town? What happens if you have seen a decline in the service provided or an increase in price because of this? What then? Do you continue to use a local service even if it isn’t the best option?

I have my opinions and I will share them over the upcoming weeks and months but I’m interested to hear from my colleagues past and present and the property managers, business leaders and principals that make the decisions on these matters on a daily basis.

What are your priorities when you select a contractor?

August 7, 2017

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