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Here is a comment from an Executive Officer of a school I visited this week.

…”Look at you delivering as discussed… it does happen!?”…

My journey to the school took a combined nine hours of driving time. (For our competition who is trying to work out where I was, start in Christchurch and draw a big circle) The school is community focused has tried to get local contractors, but they simply haven’t had the uptake.

As I said in Local v National part 1. I’m not advocating for not using local contractors. I’m not suggesting there aren’t extremely professional smaller local contractors working throughout the heartland of New Zealand. Of course, there are. In fact, if you’re reading this you very possibly are a local contractor. No, what I’m asking for is a fair chance to provide you with a service option from Carus who happens to be a national contractor.

When a school or property manager starts the search or conversation with we want to use a local contractor I think this is the wrong approach. What the school and project manager should be asking is who is the best contractor for the job. Who will provide the very best service and value for money for the children, teachers, BoT and community?

Simply being local should not be the starting point.

School funds are increasingly difficult to come by from the MoE. As an auctioneer for nigh on twenty years, I know how hard it is to raise additional money at the school level. How many sausage sizzles and PTA meetings it takes to raise money. I know that every dollar counts. The school has a maintenance/painting budget and it is important to use this money in the most prudent way possible. That doesn’t always mean selecting the cheapest quote. That doesn’t always mean selecting the local (or national) quote. It means selecting the best proposal for services to fit your school.

If that is your local team, great. If it isn’t, be honest.

If you would like to request a complimentary quote for your school repainting we’d be delighted to partner with you and your community.

November 26, 2017

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