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Les Fauves “The Wild Beasts”

At the start of the twentieth century a small group of talented and free spirited artists burst into the Salons in Paris using vivacious colours to construct their narrative. Matisse, Derain, Dufy and Vlaminck used the language of colour to express a cultural change and energy of that specific time in history. No longer was artwork a classical interpretation of days gone by or an idealised impression of a summer’s day. These artists were called, ‘Les Fauves’ which translates to ‘The Wild Beasts” They were bold, they were unapologetic, they were the bad boys of 20th century artwork. Well the spirit of the Fauves lives on at the schools at Rosebank, Kaniere, Rolleston and Elmwood Normal to name but a few.

Adding flair and imagination to a school repaint project is challenging, but at the same time it is stimulating and inspiring. When we first receive a scope of works from a school they are mostly traditional, sensible and conservative colour palettes. Chosen by grown ups. There is nothing wrong with that. The primary responsibility of the schools painting budget is to prolong the structural integrity of their buildings. At least it is at first blush.

Yes it’s important to protect and prolong the lifespan of the property but if we can also add bold primary colours and transform an ageing cream entrance way or a tired grey classroom exterior, even if it’s just one wall, now we have a learning environment that crackles with the vibrancy of an opening night at the theatre.

Picasso once said, “It took me four years to learn to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child.” Let’s start painting our primary schools to appeal not just to the adults who are in charge but also the children who are there to learn, enjoy and be inspired by the very walls they are surrounded by.

Viva Les Fauves.

If you are thinking about painting your school this year, we would welcome the opportunity to work with you. From our first visit to the onsite relationship with our painters we want to be more than just putting paint onto your walls.

Contact me via LinkedIn or simply call the Carus office for a chat.

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June 5, 2017

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