Increasingly, our customers are seeking ways to shrink the carbon footprint of their buildings, property and facilities. As industry leaders in painting and maintenance solutions, we are 100% focused on keeping the environment looking as clean and green as the Carus logo.

Painting and maintenance can be a dirty job so we’ve made the move to more environmentally friendly solutions including:

  • Using, wherever possible, water-based paints.
  • Using an Enviro-wash paint waste disposal system to recycle the dirty paint waste water produced each day. This system is recognised and approved by both Environment Canterbury (ECAN) and the Christchurch City Council and has its own trade waste license.
  • Ensuring all our team are aware of and take the necessary action to reduce any adverse impact from the paint or application of products through all aspects of our business.


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Carus Environmental Plan

The Resource Management Act was enacted to ensure that the environment is protected. Carus Group Ltd will ensure that where safety issues overlap with environmental issues action is taken immediately to prevent damage to the environment.

Environmental concerns will be foremost and will be accorded the same level of importance as workplace health and safety.

All practicable steps will be taken to reduce our environmental impact, prevent pollution and reduce the risk of harm to our environment.

Carus Group Ltd will maintain strict standards to ensure that the actions of its workers and the work it conducts does not adversely affect the environment.

Any instances of environmental damage or potential damage must be reported immediately to the company director who will take immediate action. This may include the notification of any relevant authorities.