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Toitu Enviromark Diamond Certified

Carus is an ethically and environmentally focused painting company operating throughout New Zealand. We provide tailored painting and long-term maintenance services to various industries, including large scale commercial, government institutions, schools, and body corporates.

We are focused on keeping the environment looking as clean and green as the Carus logo, minimising waste, fuel use, and the number of hazardous substances we handle to protect the environment, our staff and the communities we live and work in.

We are driven to improve the environmental sustainability of the painting industry, educating our clients and partnering with those who hold similar values. It’s extremely important to us that we consider the impact of everything that we do, and lead others to do the same.


Enviro-Mark Logo

We need to ensure that our environmental impact is managed in a safe, sustainable and regenerative way. Taking care of your environmental impact helps to reduce your exposure to risk, manage costs and more.

Toitu enviromark diamond certified organisations have a self-sustaining EMS in place. They have internal systems to ensure that their plans and policies are followed and to identify any opportunities for change and improvement. They have top management commitment to the EMS and its continuing stability.



Carus is committed to actively working to achieve the following:

  • Protecting the environment and preventing pollution related to its activities, and
  • Complying with all applicable NZ Environmental legislation, and
  • Continually improving our performance relating to the above.



December 9, 2020

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