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Property Maintenance Services

As all buildings, properties, houses, and facilities are different, we don’t have a ‘one size fits all’ approach to caring for your property.

Our core purpose is to support the management of the future of your property so you can do more and better with what you have.

By choosing a Tailor-made Maintenance Solution, you can protect the life and appearance of your assets with a pre-planned painting and maintenance schedule with prices that fit in with your budget. We also offer a range of financial support packages so you can plan with confidence.

The length of your maintenance solution can range anywhere from 1 to 12 years and our innovative web-based customer portal lets you see current progress as well as what is scheduled throughout the term.

Carus provides professional property maintenance services in Auckland, Whangarei, Wellington, Christchurch and throughout New Zealand for all kinds of homes and properties: commercial, residential, and industrial.

  • Protects the longevity of your assets
  • Ensures your brand image looks fresh for longer
  • Reliable financial costs forecasting
  • Hassle free planning


Structured Maintenance Solution

Perfect for major refurbishments or redevelopments.

This solution allows for the bulk of the work to be done upfront, while payments are evenly distributed over the length of the maintenance solution.

Maintenance Programmes 1

Pay as you go Maintenance Solution

Just as the name suggests, you pay for the work as it is completed.

With a Pay as you go Maintenance Solution, work is done where, when and how often you need it, so you can adjust payments and workload according to your budget.

Maintenance Programmes 2

Preventative Maintenance Solution

Ideal if you want to keep your buildings in prime condition from the outset.

Regular payments are made over the length of your maintenance solution to cover your building for both ongoing and unexpected maintenance needs.

Maintenance Programmes 3

Please note: the above graphs are examples of six year maintenance solutions. Other solution durations are available.